04 Oct

Do You Really Need a Domain Name?

You use a domain name to create an identity on the World Wide Web. Domain names can also be used for branding purposes, such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc.  Personal and Professional email to match your domain. In picking a domain name, the title shouldn’t stray far from what your company is all about. This will allow you to market your web-site as a subsidiary of your business and put your domain name on business cards and advertisements.

You need a web server to put your website on the internet. Sometimes, owning and maintaining a web server can cost money and it requires someone who knows what they are doing to maintain the server and the website. A web host can do this for you. They provide equipment and other technical programs that are required to build a personal or business website. We have listed some apps that you may require. Wordpress, Jooma, OpenCart, Moodle.

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