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Every great idea deserves a great domain name - Hover.com.

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Our web hosting is not like the rest, We are Unique! According to a recent survey conducted
80% of most small business owners, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations do not have a web site.

We have dedicated valuable time to surfing the internet, comparing products and services offered.
Our aim was to discover why people offered their services free, some charging a fortune and
some offering inexpensive products or services however, without providing quality or
concern for the small or novice business type.
We decided to offer our services to the entrepreneur and small
business owners who are just starting out.

When you register a domain name it becomes the location that surfers will enter into a web browser
to locate your company on the world-wide web. This provides an address to locate your site [URL]
after it is completed. http://www.attva is a shorten version of http://thevisionadvantage.com

The Vision Advantage is not a new web system of development however, our concept is unique.
Our mission is purpose-driven to assist small business owners and their affiliations
grow in the area of advertisement. We also design logos and Videos

Bringing ideas and dreams to life. We create and design unique web sites and logos.
We are a local business established with the newbie and small business owner in mind.
We have affordable rates and payment plans are an option. Alternative web hosting and
affordable monthly plans. Let us take you where you want to go!   

2nd Income Solutions 
Offers the largest script, software, eBook and templates packages in over a dozen
different categories at the best prices you'll find anywhere. Digital products are HOT and
we offer the most recent products at prices that are usually at least 50% lower than the competition.

We provide assistance and product information to help you understand the world-wide-web
and the necessary tools to conduct business online. Why Work With Us?
Understanding Is The Key: Click for knowledge base and affordable resources

Before you consider taking advantage of our offer take the time to educate yourself in the processes involved.
We have developed links to address your questions. We have taken the guesswork out of creating a web site.

Understanding Is The Source Of Manifestation Harvest And Increase-God Only Does Business With People By Faith!